Hydrographic Dipping & Spray Painting

We strive to be the best in the business of Chemical Spray, Design, and Hydrographic Dipping in South Africa. To guarantee customer satisfaction and to provide our valued customers with the best value for money, top quality products, and services on time.

We make your vehicle look and feel brand new

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Hydro dipping is as durable as your car’s paint. If you use automotive-grade paint, then your graphics will be as long-lasting and beautiful as the paint on a new car. Different paints are used for different applications, such as auto-grade paint (for rims and auto parts) or Cerakote (for firearms and bows). 

We only use the best quality available!


Drive Like It's Brand New

Your new custom look makes it feel brand new!


Years of Experience

With many years of experience in the trade, you are guaranteed satisfaction with your product!



We are nothing if not passionate about what we do!

Hydro Dipping Western Cape


Hydro dipping can be done on pretty much any surface to replicate carbon fiber look wood grains and many other patterns or pictures.

Spray Painting Western Cape

Spray Painting

Spray painting can also be done on almost any surface in any colour you want, custom colours can be mixed on request.

Custom Films Western Cape

Custom Films

We can also have a custom film made should a client want their own designs.

Hydro Dipping
Spray Painting
Custom Films